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Arts Outreach 

Our Programs, Your Schools

If your school or community program is in need of arts enrichment, we're here to help. Our programs and instructors can come to your school, or you can book a field trip to StageWorks!


Production in Residence Program

If you want to upgrade or revitalize your school show, let us help! Our skilled production team will arrange auditions, set up a rehearsal schedule, and put up a show your students and school parents will be proud of.  From the novice to the experienced, we will work with your students and lead them to an outstanding, memorable performance. StageWorks can help with set design/build, costumes, props, lighting, sound, and more. Contact us to discuss availability and pricing details.

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Arts Education

Our experienced teams will bring a vast array of team building and specific technique classes to your school or event.  We offer both day workshops and weekly after school classes to fit your budget. 

Some examples are:

  • Acting and improvisation workshops* 

  • Musical theatre workshops* 

  • Stage combat workshop

  • Public speaking workshop

  • Custom team building games & workshop

  • Custom classes and workshops

Contact us to discuss availability and pricing details.

*These workshops can also be booked as a weekly class.


Past Residencies

Ryerson Middle School - Annie Jr. (April, 2024)

Midland Park High School - The Addams Family (March, 2024)

Holy Spirit School, Pequannock - Matilda Jr. (March, 2024)

Woodside Elementary School - Shrek Jr. (March, 2024)

Cedar Hill Elementary School - The Lion King Jr. (February, 2024)

Cedar Hill Elementary School - Musical Revue (May 2023)

Ryerson Middle School - The Wizard of Oz, Youth Edition (April 2023)

Midland Park High School - Anastasia (March, 2023)

Walter T. Bergen Middle School, Bloomingdale - One Act Play (March, 2023)

Holy Spirit School, Pequannock - Shrek Jr. (March, 2023)



Known for their quality production values, Stageworks 237 does everything from holding the auditions and conducting rehearsals, to facilitating tech week, and running performances.  “I went to see a few of the children’s shows at their home theater and was blown away by their professionalism, costumes, set design, and ability to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for the kids,” (Caroline Bucci). The unique program provided a strong theatrical “team” for elementary students district-wide.

- Montville's Cedar Hill HSA Organized District-Wide Musical at StageWorks 237

When we were looking to re-start our theatre arts program, we decided to seek out some local theatre professionals to help breathe life back into it. We choose to stage our production of The Lion King Jr. and we were blown away by the results!  The team, led by Jo Ann Ventor, was both professional and caring, and the production exceeded every expectation. Our students were so excited to be back on the stage and the parents were so proud of the results. This collaborative and supportive team achieved so much in such a short period of time, and we can't wait to work with them again! If you're looking to bring your show to the next level, I cannot recommend this team enough.  

Sr. Maria Antonelli, / M.P. F. Principal, / Holy Spirit School, Pequannock, NJ

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