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Studio 237

Our intimate studio space provides the opportunity to see theatre in a whole new light. There's not a bad seat in the house in our blackbox theatre, and our rehearsal spaces are the perfect size for small and medium ensembles.


StageWorks Facility

Our building includes a 90-seat black box theatre, two studio rehearsal spaces, a green room, and dressing rooms. 

Studio 237 Rental

Studio B

Studio B is a rehearsal space located in the lower level of our facility. This studio space is designed for small group rehearsals, production meetings, recording vocal and dance reels and private lessons in acting, vocal technique, and more.






StageWorks Lounge

Our lower lounge serves many purposes in our theatre. In addition to acting as our primary concessions area, this lobby functions as a staging area for actors, a waiting room for parents and auditionees, and more!


Black Box Theatre

Our black box can seat up to 90 people in flexible seating arrangements. Our theatre is on the first floor of the building and can accommodate wheelchair seating with advance notice. The stage can be configured into many different arrangements, so there are no limits to the creativity you will see on our stage.


Green Room

Our green room is our preparation area for actors on their way to the stage. Located on the lower level of our facility, our green room has direct access to the stage via a flight of stairs. This room has access to video monitoring of the stage to make the timing of entrances and exits seamless. 

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Studio A

Studio A is a rehearsal space located on the first floor of our building. With a mirror-lined wall and ample floor space, this room can easily accommodate dance and musical rehearsals. This studio can also function as an event space with the addition of folding tables and decoration.


Lesson Rooms

Our lesson rooms are designed for private vocal coaching and audition preparation sessions. They can also be used for private music instruction.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for updates on our building's transformation. There's always something new going on at StageWorks!

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