Studio 237 Rental


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Venue Rentals

Our building is available for rentals for your theatrical productions, graduations, or private events. Call or email for availability and dates.  Hourly rentals for studios for rehearsals/production meetings/self-tapes, etc. start at $25.00 per hour.

We have several options for you to put your works on the stage!  

Option One:  One week rentals, Monday to Sunday, do as many shows as you want.  Starting at $1,750 per week.

Option Two:  Apply to be part of our Co-Op Theatre Program where we split the expenses and income for the production.

Option Three:  You produce your show, and we keep revenue from ticket sales in lieu of rent.


Digital Rentals

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Our Matilda package includes:

  • Acrobat Story 3 Projection

    • Acrobat Story 3 Jr. Version also available​

  • "This is Magnus" Chalkboard Sequence Projection

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Our Wizard of Oz package includes:

  • Wizard's Head Projection

  • Tornado Projection

  • Skywriting "Surrender Dorothy" Projection

We rent digital projections for several productions that will help bring your shows to life. These cost-saving special effects alternatives will breathe life into your performance and bring some extra imagination to your stage. Click the images below for samples.