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Directors (Youth and Teen Productions)

We are seeking dynamic individuals to help inspire and instruct the youth of StageWorks Theatre. Directors work with our community in a variety of capacities, including adult shows, junior show, and musical revues. We are always looking for artistic excellence and a team who empower and challenge our actors. You must be committed and passionate about musical theatre and arts education. Arriving on time and committing to a schedule is important, in addition to being proactive and flexible when necessary. You will also be at the center of creative decisions throughout the production. This can include set and costume design. We will work with you closely to make your vision come to fruition. Stipends are commensurate with experience.  Teacher's Certification is a plus.

Music Directors (Adult, Teen and Youth Productions)

We are seeking music directors who are expert in reading and teaching music, harmonies, etc. and who can prepare tracks for rehearsals if needed. If the performance includes a live band, you will conduct and play in the show with a group of musicians who we will collaborate with you to contract and hire. If you are applying to work with our youth shows, you will be invaluable in teaching and fostering a love of music to our youth. Stipends are commensurate with experience.  Teacher's Certification is a plus.

Choreographers (Adult, Teen and Youth Productions)

We are seeking choreographers who provide a comfortable and accepting atmosphere where performers of all dance and experience levels will be comfortable with performance material. You will coordinate with the Director and Music Director to determine which numbers require choreography or choreographed movement. Stipends are commensurate with experience.  Teacher's Certification is a plus.

*For those applying to work with our youth productions

You must have experience working with children in a theatrical environment. This can include theatre, camp shows, or classes. You must also be comfortable interacting with parents, children, and other staff members.

Light and Sound Operators

StageWorks is seeking light and sound board operators to work during our tech and show weeks on an hourly pay schedule. Training on our systems is provided. These positions will require a period of training to determine your level of experience and preparedness to run a show. Light and sound operators are permitted to choose their own hours and shows. Each commitment must include a full run, including tech and shows.

Sound - StageWorks uses QLab for sound design and operation. We operate with a 24-channel sound board. We operate sound with a Mac computer.

Lights - StageWorks uses ChamSys light programming and operating software and use a keyboard and mouse for cue operating.

Interested in working with us? Please send us a resume and cover letter with show proposals or interest in working with StageWorks at Studio 237.  Fill out form below!


StageWorks internships offer general interest training in all areas of theatrical production. Our interns are invited to build their own schedule, but are typically needed during weekly daytime hours. Our schedule can be modified to fit your high school or college class schedule. While internships are unpaid, we work closely with high school and college advisors to ensure that our program can be used for credit hours. For more information, or to apply, please fill out the contact form below.


StageWorks is always looking for vibrant and energetic volunteers to help in areas such as set building, props, costumes, and more. If you are passionate about our mission, or even if you're looking to enhance your resume with unique professional development, come and lend a helping hand.

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